Our Quality Policy Statement

Tempcare Personnel Ltd is a Domiciliary Care Service Provider which is registered under the terms of The Health and Social Care Act, 2008, and is compliant with the relevant regulations as defined in The Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, and The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2010.  The Organisation offers a personal Domiciliary Care service for individual service users, and as a key Service Provider is dedicated to the provision of the highest standards of care. This will be achieved through the integration of efficient administrative practices with first class service standards in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate Regulations and legislation specified above.
Accordingly, the Organisation has been established with a quality orientated approach to the business, and a high degree of quality awareness is developed through all levels of staff through appropriate training and leadership of management.  To reinforce this, it is the policy of the management that Tempcare Personnel Ltd shall, as applicable to the business, comply with the requirements of the International Quality Standard  ISO 9000 (latest revision).

This Quality Policy is communicated to all staff at the Induction Training stage, and is displayed at the Organisation’s administrative offices for the benefit of staff, service users and other interested parties.

Quality control

We believe our clients deserve the highest quality of care and very best in service delivery. The minimum standards of care that our clients can expect from our care service are defined in a series of CQC Quality Outcomes. We are committed to meet all the CQC essential standards of quality and safe care..
Our clients are assured of high quality healthcare service because we do the followings things:

Staff Recruitment and Training

All our staff go through a rigorous recruitment process that ensures that the best candidates are hired to serve our clients. Each staff member should have a minimum of two written references, a CRB / DBS check and undertake induction training before they start work.

Participation Policy

We understand how it is important for people to stay in their homes. We work with our clients and families to design programs to allow their loved ones to just do that in a way that fits their needs and budget. Our approach is to involve our clients, and their relatives / advocates, to participate in the development, implementation, monitoring and review of their personalised Care Plans. The key objective of this strategy is to enable our clients to participate in the decision-making process regarding their personalised Care Plans, and to monitor the effectiveness of this through participation or involvement, making changes where necessary. We will give our clients more power over decision-making regarding their care through the acknowledgement and respect of their life experiences.


When we don’t get things right please tell us. Please let us know when our service has fallen short of your expectations. We promise that we would look into the complaint, investigate, and take corrective action by reviewing our ways of working and procedures. We also welcome positive feedback. Please send us an email, phone or write to us.

Monitoring your feedback

During each year we send out service surveys to our clients to ask them how they rate our care service. We encourage our clients to tell us what they like and don’t like about our service. It is through this feedback that we monitor the quality of our service. Any concerns raised by our clients in the survey would be promptly attended to.


We have developed and implement procedures and strategies which are designed to protect vulnerable adults from abuse. The strategies, arrangements and procedures in place within the organisation ensure the protection of vulnerable adults from abuse in their own homes.
At the beginning of the Contract for Care Service a risk assessment will have been carried out to identify situations where the service user can be placed at undue risk within their own domestic environment through normal daily living activities.
Through our risk assessment we:

  • identify who is at risk;
  • identify what is interpreted as abuse;
  • identify the types of abuse that can occur;
  • promote staff awareness of the common indicators associated with each type of abuse;
  • prevent persons who do not possess an Enhanced CRB from the DBS from being recruited;
  • Specify the procedures to be followed in the event of alleged or suspected abuse.

Internal Quality Auditing

We have got procedures used for periodic monitoring and auditing of the Organisation’s Quality Management Systems by the Organisation’s staff to ensure continued compliance to declared standards. This is designed to meet the requirements of the appropriate Regulations, Standards and Outcomes for Domiciliary Care for England. Auditing the Quality System is a structured process and is designed to check to ensure that documented Policies are being followed in practice. The auditing process uses a comprehensive set of specialised Self-Assessment Checklists designed to allow the auditor to assess and measure the quality of care delivered to service users.